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Principles of Mixed Feed Production   
Von J. Kersten, H. R. Rohde, E. Nef.
1. Aufl. 2005

In englischer Sprache, 352 Seiten mit farbigen Fotos, verschiedenen Tabellen und Grafiken. Format 24,1 x 17,5 cm.

Artikel-Nr. 323
Gewicht: 995 g

ISBN: 978-3-86037-273-9

This is your guide to producing top quality feed! From the science of animal feeds and nutrition to additives and technology, from mixed feed optimization to quality management – „Principles of Mixed Feed Production“

- tells you everything about production processes
- is based on the world's leading technology
- shows you how to produce cost-efficiently

Concise information about the steps which have to be taken in order to produce good feed is paired with practical guidelines and advice. This book is intended as an easy to use tool keeping you ahead of your day-to-day work. The presentation is descriptive, practical and enriched with many examples. It is directed to readers in the international feed manufacturing and related industries.

- introduction to the science of animal feeds and nutrition
- mixed feed optimization, quality management and legal aspects
- individual feeds and ways in which they may be used
- additives used in mixed feeds
- comprehensive information concerning the individual steps and technology involved in mixed feed production
- quality of mixed feeds

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