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Vademekum Package Part 1 + 2 – Technical data for grain processing and provender technology   
Von Wolfgang Meißner / Hasso Klabunde. Übersetzt von Josef Teich.
New edition 2015, english.

Size 180 x 125 mm, wipeable plastic book cover. Part 1: 192 pages with 132 illustrations and numerous tables, Part 2: 164 pages with 88 illustrations and numerous tables.

Artikel-Nr. 566
Gewicht: 428 g

ISBN: 978-3-87696-148-4

This coveted reference book for millers and milling has been completely revised and brought up-to-date with modern technology.

Part 1: Cleaning, grain damping, -cooling and -drying, aspiration, grinding

Part 1 of this edition contains the most current ­machines for the cleaning, reconditioning and the milling of grain.

Chapter A deals with sieve and air separation aswell as the coarse, preliminary and the screen room with first and second cleaning processes. The milling industries most diagrams are also explained.

Chapter B deals with the theoretical aspects, calculation examples and the appropriate ­machinery needed in the cooling and drying of grain.

Chapter C is dedicated to aspiration of mills, silos and provender plants. The diverse possibilities to ensure such sites remain dust free are extensively covered and the theories presented.

Chapter D presents the various machines from comminution such as rollermills, hammermills as well as sieve and cleaning ­machines and monitoring units.

Part 2: Milling process, weighing and mixing

The chapters of part 2 have also been revised:

Chapter E deals with the milling process of wheat, rye, swing and durum mills and the evolution of shortening passages.

Chapter F deals with the characteristics of the flour streams in respect to mineral, wet gluten and protein aswell as general ­blending formulas. And also goes into flour type regulations discharge and mixing machines aswell as bulk loading.

The handy Vademekum reference book is intended mainly for the practical person who needs access to the technical data of listed machines while working within the milling environment, but is also a valuable asset to the trainee, technicians and engineers alike.

Vademekum is an important companion in your daily work.

Also available singly (Part 1: 39,90 EUR / Part 2: 37,90 EUR).

70,00 EUR 1)


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